NL Cy Young Race

I have been focusing primary on the Cy Young race in the American League up to this point, basically because I am an American League guy at heart.  However, I think the NL race is much tighter and subsequently more interesting and worthy of discussion.  The race, at this point, seems to have three viable candidates and a host of other good pitchers that will be unfortunately lost.  To start with those left behind, Javier Vazquez, Dan Haren, and Josh Johnson are all having excellent years that are being lost in the discussion.  Vazquez and Haren rank 2nd and 3rd in strikeouts and are both in the top 10 in ERA.  By advanced stats, Vazquez is second in FIP and third in WHIP, while Haren leads the league in WHIP.  If the Braves make the playoffs, Vazquez might end up part of the vote for the Cy Young.  At the moment, he would be third on my ballot.  But let us turn to three contenders getting the most attention, Tim Lincecum, Chris Carpenter, and Adam Wainwright. 

Linceum is leading the league in strikeouts, K/9, FIP, WAR (Wins above replacement, not likelihood to survive a 1-year tour in Iraq), etc.  He has the misfortune of playing for the offensively putrid Giants, which has hurt his won-loss record, nevertheless it is still a respectable 14-7.  However, that is the worst of the three major candidates.  He is also second in ERA

Carpenter has the best storyline, coming back from major surgery that caused him to miss all of the 2007 and most of the 2008 season after winning the Cy Young in 2006.  He is leading the league in ERA, third in fewest walks/9, second in fewest HR/9, third in FIP, and has a sterling 16-4 won-loss record, allowing him to lead the league in winning percentage. 

Wainwright leads the league in wins with 18, is third in ERA (behind only Carpenter and Lincecum), 5th in strikeouts, and leads in inning pitched.  That last stat is important, because it means the Cardinals have the advantage of ignoring their bullpen when Wainwright is pitching more often than any other team with any other pitcher in the National League. 

So given these three cases, how should the vote turn out?  Carpenter’s story, though inspiring, should be ignored.  His ERA is a bigger mark in his favor, but he has pitched substantially less innings than any of the other candidates.  Though he has probably been the best pitcher in the National League since he has returned from the disabled list, it is by a small enough margin that his time on the DL outweighs his later contributions.  Health matters.  Despite the fact that Lincecum pitches for a weaker hitting team, Wainwright ranks higher in tough losses (losses in games in which a pitcher went at least six innings and gave up 3 or less runs).  However, in the end I think that Lincecum’s lead in strikeouts overcome his deficit in wins.  But I could easily be talked out of that choice. 

My Ballot:

1.   Tim Lincecum

2.   Adam Wainwright

3.  Javier Vazquez

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5 Comments on “NL Cy Young Race”

  1. chappy81 Says:

    Really, you put Vasquez on there over Carpenter!?! I agree that Lincy should win, but if he gets roughed up in his next start like he did his last time out, I might just give it to Carpenter. We’ll see how it shakes out. Check out our blog

  2. sportsphd Says:

    I do like Vazquez. No one is paying any attention b/c he is with Atlanta, but he has given you a full season. If I was guessing who will win instead of who should, I think Carpenter is going to win. The story is just too good.

  3. tracking back NL Cy Young Race… tracking back NL Cy Young Race…

  4. chappy81 Says:

    Yeah, I agree Vasquez had a good season, but still can’t put him in the race. I think I got caught up in the Carpenter hoopla because he’s on my fantasy team that is in the championship round as we speak. I picked him in the 19th round, and he is in the top 5 ranked fantasy pitchers, so yeah, that has swayed my pick as well…

  5. mceezy Says:

    Like I said, I agree with you that time missed should count against a guy, thus handicapping Carpenter. But, the more I think about it, I realize he only missed that first month or so recovering from last season’s injury. I think that’s better than a guy missing some starts here and there or taking a whole month of in the middle of the season. I still like Wainwright or Lincecum, but I guess I’m becoming more comfortable with the idea of Carpenter taking home the trophy.

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