One Game Playoffs

For the first time in baseball history, a team has made consecutive one-game playoffs. No team before the Twins has made a tiebreaking playoff in consecutive seasons. Baseball has had 8 one-game tiebreakers and 4 3-game tiebreakers in its history. Focusing on the one-gamers:

1948 – Cleveland Indians def. Boston Red Sox, 8-3. Cleveland went 22-8 over September and October, while Boston went 20-11.
1978 – New York Yankees def. Boston Red Sox, 5-4. New York went 23-9 while Boston was 15-16 over September and October.
1980 – Houston Astros def. Los Angeles Dodgers, 7-1. Houston went 19-14, while Los Angeles went 19-14 as well.
1995 – Seattle Mariners def. California Angels, 9-1. Seattle went 20-9, while California went 11-17.
1998 – Chicago Cubs def. San Francisco Giants, 5-3. Chicago went 14-11, while San Francisco went 15-10.
1999 – New York Mets def. Cincinnati Reds, 5-0. New York went 17-13, while Cincinnati went 20-12. (In just October, the Mets were 4-0 and the Reds 1-3.)
2007 – Colorado Rockies def. San Diego Padres, 9-8. Colorado went 21-8, while San Diego went 15-14.
2008 – Chicago White Sox def. Minnesota Twins, 1-0. Chicago went 12-15, while Minnesota went 11-15.

What can we learn from this? Minnesota is 19-11 in their last 30 games, while Detroit is 15-15. Almost universally, the hotter teams has won the one-game playoffs. The only exceptions are 1998, where the difference is a single win, and 1999, where the Mets were actually hotter in the last week and not the full last month.n The Twins have the advantage on both counts. Will they win? I hope so.

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4 Comments on “One Game Playoffs”

  1. verdun Says:

    Teach you to write off your Twins so early. 🙂

  2. tracking back One Game Playoffs… tracking back One Game Playoffs…

  3. […] of the (relatively new) blog Sports PhD comes a list of the eight one-game playoffs in baseball history (there have also been four three-game […]

  4. Johnk137 Says:

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