The Postseason’s Worst Hitters: A Recap

Throughout the postseason, I have picked individuals as the worst hitters remaining in the postseason.  Given that I have already discussed the Yankees and Phillies twice, I will only briefly recap them.  The Phillies worst hitter is Pedro Feliz, by far, and the Yankees worst is either Jose Molina, if he is starting that day, or Melky Cabrera, when Posada is catching.  In my first post on this topic, I cautioned that in a short series, anything can  happen.  So how have our worst hitters from the LCS fared this postseason?

Jeff Mathis, Catcher, Angels – Mathis went 8 for 15, with 5 doubles and a walk. He scored 2 runs and had 1 game winning RBI. He had an OPS of 1.313, truly astonishing.
Russell Martin, Catcher, Dodgers – Martin went 5 for 25, a batting average of .200. He scored 2 runs and drove in 3. He had an OPS of .595, even lower than his regular season.
Jose Molina, Catcher, Yankees – Molina went 1 for 4, his one hit a single, in 3 games played.
Melky Cabrera, Center Fielder, Yankees – Cabrera went 11 for 35, hitting .314 with 4 runs and 4 RBIs. He had an OPS of .870, considerably above his seasonal mark.
Pedro Feliz, Third Basemen, Phillies – Feliz went 5 for 31, hitting .161 with 3 runs and 2 RBIs. He had an OPS of .567.

So what do our final five worst hitters teach us? Anything can happen in a short enough stretch. Probability wins out, as 3 of the 5 (Martin, Molina, and Feliz) had putrid postseasons at the plate. However, Mathis and Cabrera have looked much better than their regular season numbers would suggest. For Yankees fans, don’t expect this kind of production in the World Series. On the other hand, Nick Swisher should not be as bad as he has been up to this point, as well.

Who do you think will be our upcoming fluke players? Conversely what legitimately good hitter is liable to look like he took hitting lessons from Jose Molina?

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