Preparing for the Baseball Awards Season

As Major League Baseball prepares to hand outs its season-ending awards, I thought it time to recap my own picks. Links are to my earlier posts explaining my rationale.

Rookies of the Year – November 16
My Picks:
Elvis Andrus
Andrew McCutchen

American League Cy Young Award – November 17
My Pick:
Zack Greinke

Managers of the Year – November 18
My Picks:
Jim Tracy and Ron Gardenhire (No post on these picks.)

National League Cy Young Award – November 19
My Pick:
Tim Lincecum (This is the vote I would be most likely to reconsider. Lincecum ended poorly, minimizing his statistical advantages, while Wainwright had similar run support problems and worse bullpen issues depressing his numbers unfairly.)

American League Most Valuable Player – November 23
My Pick:
Joe Mauer

National League Most Valuable Player – November 24
My Pick:
Albert Pujols

I suspect my picks will win the AL Cy Young, both MVPs, and the NL MOY. If I had to guess, Rick Porcello will pick up the AL ROY, Mike Scioscia the AL MOY, and Adam Wainwright the NL Cy Young. We will see.

Who do you think will win? Who do you think should?

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One Comment on “Preparing for the Baseball Awards Season”

  1. verdun Says:

    Rookies: McCutchen and Porcello
    Managers: Tracy will and should. I think Gardenhire should win and know there’s a push for Scioscia, but don’t forget Girardi. The Yanks missed the playoofs last year and then won the dvision this year. Couple that with it being NY and I wouldn’t bet against him.
    Cy Young: Greinke and Wainwright
    MVP: Pujols in a walk. I like Mauer, but beware of Teixeira who led in both RBIs and Home Runs. That has a lot of weight with writers.

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