Team of the Decade?

Tonight, the Patriots and Colts face off.  As these two square off, some have suggested that team of the decade honors are on the line. Unfortunately, the question does not have a correct answer. Let’s start by running some numbers, and then we can discuss the problems.

For the decade  from 2000 to the present, the Patriots have won 108 games. while the Colts have won 109. The Patriots have made 6 playoff appearances, while the Colts have made 8. The Patriots have won 1 MVP, while the Colts have won 3. The Colts have won 7 playoff games, while the Patriots have won 14. The Colts have won a single Super Bowl, while the Patriots have won 3.

How do you weight all of this? It is clear that the Colts are the better regular season team, with more wins, more playoff appearances, and more MVP awards. The Patriots have been better in the playoffs, with more playoff wins and Super Bowls. If playoff performance is the measure, though, the Steelers must suddenly enter the discussion. They have won only 100 regular season games and made 6 playoff appearances. However, they have won 2 Super Bowls and 10 playoff games. The Steelers and Colts also lack the tinge of scandal that the Patriots have.

So who is the best? I would be inclined to pick the Colts, because they have made the playoffs twice more than any other team this decade. That consistency strikes me as the best measure of the team of the decade. That is, they have been the best over the course of the entire decade. Others will surely differ.

What should be the measure of the team of the decade? Who has been the best NFL team from 2000 to the present?

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