Canyon of Heroes

This last weekend I was in downtown New York City, and I happened to walk up the Canyon of Heroes.  As interesting as the record of Manhattan’s ticker tape parades are in general, I’d like to pull out the celebration of baseball teams. I find the list very strange to say the least.

1949 – Connie Mack
1954 – New York Giants
1961 – New York Yankees
1962 – New York Yankees
1962 – New York Mets
1969 – New York Mets
1977 – New York Yankees
1978 – New York Yankees
1986 – New York Mets
1996 – New York Yankees
1998 – Sammy Sosa
1998 – New York Yankees
1999 – New York Yankees
2000 – New York Yankees
2009 – New York Yankees

Everything about that list fascinates me. First, the two baseball people honored individually were Connie Mack and Sammy Sosa. Why them and no one else? Second, why did the 1954 Giants become the first team to get a parade? By this point, the Giants had won 4 World Series, and the Yankees had won 16. What distinguished 1954? Next, the 1962 Mets. Few things in the world please me more than the ’62 Mets getting a ticker tape parade. Finally, what did the 1956 and 1958 Yankees do wrong? Between 1954 and 1961, three New York teams win the World Series. The 1955 Dodgers had their parade down Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn. What happened to the Yankees?

Does anyone know any of the answers? If so, feel free to stick it in the comments.

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2 Comments on “Canyon of Heroes”

  1. verdun2 Says:

    Don’t know the answer but it’s possible that the idea of introducing the Mets in 1962 was so popular that they decided to repeat it when the Yanks won later that year, then it became a tradition.
    As for 1954, maybe Stoneman (Giants owner) was owed a favor by the mayor. 🙂

  2. You’re right. Strange and interesting. If I stumble upon any answers, I’ll get back to you. BTW, I love New York City. Bill

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