Quick Web Round-Up

I am training in a new job at work this week, so my already lax posting schedule is likely to slow up a bit more. For those interested, here are a few recent articles I’ve found particularly interesting.

In light of Ken Griffey, Jr.’s retirement, maybe we should remember an even more accomplished but long-forgotten center fielder.

In the comments on the above post, the author mentioned Richie Ashburn as the 9th best center fielder ever. My first thought was, “Overrated.” Then this post reminded me that Richie Ashburn has the highest OBP when leading off the game of any player since 1952. Looks like I was wrong, and maybe #9 is a little low.

Bill Buckner was actually a good baseball player? Yes, he really was.

Pete Carroll and USC? I told you so.

Until I can update again, enjoy these links. Feel free to pass on anything else in the comments that you have found lately that is worth wider attention.

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One Comment on “Quick Web Round-Up”

  1. Sorry it has taken me so long to say Thank You for including my post on Bill Buckner in your blog-post. He really did deserve better. Thank you very much, Bill (ondeckcircle.wordpress.com)

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