Revisiting Predictions at the 70 Game Mark

Earlier this year, I wasted all of our collective time by putting up some predictions for the upcoming baseball season. How are they going now that teams are 70 games in?

AL East – Yankees (First place by 1)
AL Central – Twins (First place by 1.5)
AL West – Rangers (First place by 3.5)
AL Wild Card – Rays (First by .003 over the Red Sox)

NL East – Phillies (Third place, 5.5 back)
NL Central – Cardinals (First place by 1.5)
NL West – Rockies (Third place, 4 back)
NL Wild Card – Braves (First place in East by 2.5)

Obviously I am pleased with the American League results, and I think I have a decent chance of pulling off the season sweep there. Odds are, at least one National League pick will miss, given that I have two teams off the pace. We will see.

AL MVP – Evan Longoria – Been very good, but currently trails Robinson Cano and Justin Morneau in the MVP race.
AL Cy Young – Felix Hernandez – Been good, but not the best on his own team. Right now, the favorites look like David Price and Cliff Lee.
AL ROY – Brian Matusz – Disappointing year on an Orioles team even worse than expected.

NL MVP – Albert Pujols – In a supposed down year, he still leads the NL in OBP and OPS. He is quietly 4th in the NL in home runs. His biggest challenge is his own stats the last couple of years.
NL Cy Young – Chris Carpenter – This was a typo. As you can clearly see, I meant to type Ubaldo Jimenez.
NL ROY – Jason Heyward – Still the frontrunner, especially if Strasburg’s limited innings make him sit out September.

All in all, the predictions aren’t looking as bad as I expected. I expect both Cy Youngs to be deeply wrong, and I see little hope of Matusz turning things around for the ROY. Pujols might lose the MVP, but he will be in the debate as will Longoria. We will see.

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