My All-Time Favorite Team

I recently saw this post by John Sickels, who runs a fantastic prospect blog for those who follow such things, and I thought I would duplicate it and get some thoughts from everyone else.  Below is my favorite team, i.e. my favorite players that I actually saw play, by position:

C – Joe Mauer
1B – Albert Pujols
2B – Chase Utley
SS – Roy Smalley
3B – Jim Thome
OF – Kirby Puckett
OF – Gabe Kapler
OF – Brett Butler
DH – Paul Molitor
SP – Brad Radke, Greg Maddux, Randy Johnson, Jamie Moyer, Tim Wakefield
RP – Dennis Eckersley, Joe Nathan, Billy Wagner, Paul Assenmacher, Eric Plunk

The list is nothing if not idiosyncratic. What’s yours?

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5 Comments on “My All-Time Favorite Team”

  1. verdun2 Says:

    being considerably older, my list has many more old time players:
    C-Roy Campanella
    1b-Albert Pujols
    2b-Jackie Robinson
    ss-Fred Patek
    3b-Jim Gilliam
    OF-Stan Musial, Don Demeter, Lou Brock
    DH-Edgar Martinez
    starters-Sandy Koufax,Lew Burdette,Bob Gibson, Nolan Ryan, Larry Gura, Carl Erskine
    relievers-Dennis Eckersley, Dick Radatz, Mariano Rivera
    Tried to stick to my younger years when I was more in awe of them than I am now.

  2. Like V’s list, mine will be a combo of players that I saw as a kid at Shea in the ’70’s, plus players I saw within the past dozen years at Fenway, Three Rivers (in its final season) and The Kingdome (about a dozen years ago.)

    1B Willie Stargell
    2B Roberto Alomar
    SS Alex Rodriguez
    3B Robin Ventura
    C.Jason Kendall
    OF Ken Griffey, JR.
    OF Freddy Lynn
    OF Brian Giles
    DH Edgar Martinez
    SP Tom Seaver
    SP Roger Clemens
    SP Pedro Martinez
    SP Jerry Koosman
    SP Dwight Gooden
    RP I remember virtually none of them.

    I’m cheating a bit with Gooden. I saw him toss a one-hitter for AAA Tidewater against the Maine Guides in Old Orchard Beach, Maine, back in ’87. He was making a re-hab start before being called back up to the Mets.

    Great idea for a blog-post, Bill

  3. Millsy Says:

    Can’t resist, despite the fact that I really need to be working on something else right now:

    C – Mike Piazza
    1B – Albert Pujols
    2B – Roberto Alomar
    3B – David Wright
    SS – Cal Ripken, Jr./Alex Rodriguez (am I allowed a tie?)
    OF – Ken Griffey, Jr.
    OF – Vladimir Guerrero
    OF – Tony Gwynn
    DH – Frank Thomas
    SP1 – Greg Maddux
    SP2 – Pedro Martinez
    SP3 – Nolan Ryan
    SP4 – Roger Clemens
    SP5 – Mike Mussina
    RP1 – Billy Wagner
    RP2 – John Rocker (ON the field!!!)

    • Millsy Says:

      Hmmm…maybe it’s supposed to be ‘in person’. Woops…remove (Wright, Pujols, Gwynn, Piazza, Maddux, Rocker)

      Replace them with the following if in person, rather than ‘alive during that time’…my bad:

      Arod at 3rd now
      Frank Thomas at 1st
      Albert Belle at DH
      Pudge at C
      Sammy Sosa in OF
      Mariano Rivera at RP
      Kevin Brown at SP


  4. sportsphd Says:

    The list did not have to be players you saw live, though that is definitely why Kapler made my team. Otherwise, my list would be even more top heavy with Twins and Yankees. Lots of great picks from you guys. If I had put a bench on my team, I’d have added Nolan Ryan as my 11th member of the staff and added Robin Ventura as another infielder. I would have loved to have room for Edgar Martinez and Cal Ripken as well.

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