Predictions and a Recap

First I’d like to revisit my preseason predictions, and then I’ll lay out a few going forward:

AL East – New York Yankees
AL Central – Minnesota Twins
AL West – Texas Rangers
Wild Card – Tampa Bay Rays
NL East – Philadelphia Phillies
NL Central – St. Louis Cardinals
NL West – Colorado Rockies
Wild Card – Atlanta Braves

Overall, it was a good year for completely unscientific picking. I flipped the AL East and Wild Card but nailed all four teams. In the NL I missed both the Central and the West, picking teams that finished second and third. All told, not bad.

Sadly my joy ends there. I picked the Cardinals to win it all. Oh well.

To reboot my predictions given what really happened, I’d break it down like this:
Rays over Rangers
Yankees over Twins
Phillies over Reds
Giants over Braves
Rays over Yankees
Phillies over Giants
Phillies over Rays

Your predictions?

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2 Comments on “Predictions and a Recap”

  1. 48colorrainbow Says:

    With the exception of the Braves-Giants division series, I agree with all your predictions. I have too many questions about the Giants’ offense.

  2. Hello, Like you, I picked the Cardinals and the Rockies. I also picked the Yanks to finish 2nd and make the Wild Card, and I picked the Braves to take the N.L. Wild Card. Other than that, the Phillies were an easy pick to win their division. But I blew it in both Western Divisions.
    For the post-season, I have to say that I like your picks very much. There isn’t one that I can really pick a fight with.
    Nice work, Bill

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