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Home sick today. Expect light posting until I am feeling better. Watch out for a post on Hank Thompson tomorrow to continue the series on the integrators.


Two Blogs to Watch


We don’t have a lot of regular commenters here at The Sports Phd, but we do have a few.  I’d like to point you toward two blogs from our commenter.

First, check out Prince of Slides. The author comments here as Millsy. He writes primarily about questions at the intersection of sports and economics. He also does some work on fantasy baseball. If you have an interest in either subject, his blog is worth checking out.

Second, check out Verdun2’s Blog. The author comments here under either v or Verdun2. This blog is still rather new, but it already has a pair of interesting posts about baseball history up. If you are interested in the history of the game, this is one to keep an eye on.

What other blogs are out there that you would like to recommend? Feel free to promote blogs that are linked through the sidebar or any other blogs imaginable.

A Brief Hiatus


Content will be sporadic for the next few days while I do some traveling.  Feel free to come here and talk about anything sports related.  Try not to trash the place while I am out.

Hello world!


This is my first ever blog post.  This blog will soon include posts on the American League MVP, the Cy Young race in both leagues, and other topics of interest as they occur to me.  Thank you for following this site, and please check back daily to see what new content has been posted